Individual Sponsorship
Sponsorship has long been a part of the sport of canine frisbee. The earliest events had support from Wham-o, and shortly thereafter, Kal-Kan, thus beginning a long line of dog food sponsors. Since the departure of the last "big" sponsor of the sport, Alpo, at the end of the 2000 season, we have seen various events and organizations "open up" their fields to individual sponsorship. Similarly, we have seen many teams get sponsored in many different capacities. Where it is allowed, this can be a great benefit to both the sponsor and the individual team.The CDD would like to make sure that the environment that we offer people to play in is sponsor-friendly. Both for our event sponsors and for any individual sponsors that may teams may bring in. To that end, here is a list of what the CDD guidelines for sponsorship are. If there are any problems with this list, you can address them (politely!) on the club list, or you can email the officers privately, and they will try to answer your question. If you come up with something that this list does not address, feel free to make it known to the officers, and we will see if we need to address it, or if it is beyond the scope of this project. With all the below provisions, it SHOULD go without saying that ANY clothing or banners, sponsored or not, be in good taste for public, family friendly events!
At club-run competitions:
Clothing-The CDD allows competitors to wear any and all sponsor logo-ed hats, shirts, shorts, socks, shoes that they like. Any vests or coats on the dogs may also display a sponsor logo. There are no restrictions here, although competitors may read the rules regarding "Costumes" at website for the national organizers. Historically, some event organizers have asked that all competitors wear an event t-shirt. If an event with this requirement is taking place under the direct administration of the CDD, it will be up to the national organizer, not the club, to make this known and enforce it.
Tents-branded tents (not banners) are allowed at club-run events. However, in some cases, the club may ask that the tent not be placed immediately next to the field. This would only be in the event that a conflicting sponsor is sponsoring the event. If there are any questions, check with a club officer.
Banners-Competitors can hang any sponsor banners they like at the back of their tent. If a team wants to put a banner on the front of their tent, they will need to check with the club. The only situation where we might ask that a banner be moved to the rear of a competitor's tent is if a conflicting sponsor is sponsoring the event. If there are any questions, check with a club officer.
Sponsor announcements-This warrants special mention. If a sponsored competitors would like the club to announce their sponsors as they come on to the field for their round, the announcer MIGHT be able to do this. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT GUARANTEED. With the hectic pace of a CDD event, the large number of competitors, and many people doing more than one job, we can tell you that we will try to make the announcement as you take the field. This will be entirely up to the discretion of the Announcer. The competitor MUST supply this information to the announcer, and please keep it VERY brief. Though we have a little bit of time between competitors, we want to avoid unnecessary delays. Also keep in mind that we often have other important things to announce, and event sponsors are guaranteed PA placements, so the time between competitors may be already taken. But we will give it our best shot!

Individual sponsorship at club demos-
At demos that the club performs at, we will need to maintain a professional appearance, and we will ask anyone performing to please wear the provided demo team shirt. Teams participating in demos need to remember that the demo is NOT a place to promote your own individual sponsors, and in some circumstances the club may actually be getting paid and an individual sponsor may be inappropriate. If there are any questions, check with our Demo coordinator. We do want to say that we believe that performing with the CDD demo team is a great experience, and if you need to cite your experience with the team for the purposes of obtaining sponsorship, please do so! We hope this serves as a good guide for our sponsored teams.