General Rules
The Colorado Disc Dogs run several competitions a year. These events are often sanctioned by a national or international frisbee dog governing body, and thus our events are run using the freestyle and throw & catch rules of that particular organization. For events that are not nationally sanctioned, the club will usually elect to use the rules of one of the major organizations. Most of our events are similar, with only small differences between the different Freestyle and Throw & Catch rules. Although we will publicize the rules ahead of time and run a players meeting describing the rules, it is up to the individual competitor to understand the rules prior to competing.

The Colorado Disc Dogs requires participants and competitors in our events to adhere to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) guidelines for humane training at club events, including demos, workshops and competitions.The AVSAB has outlined specific criteria for humane dog training, and promotes the use of reward based methods for all canine training. As the role of companion animals has evolved, their welfare and the relationships between humans and animals have become increasingly important. It is understood that animals are sentient and should be treated with respect and compassion.
The following training tools are prohibited on event grounds: choke chains, prong collars, electronic shock collars, citronella collars, squirt bottles, shaker noise cans, compressed air cans, and any other aversive tool that is used to hurt or intimidate an animal (tools not specifically listed to be evaluated at the discretion of contest officials and CDD board members).
In addition, harsh treatment of dogs is prohibited. CDD allows and encourages training at events, but any training on site must be done in a positive and sportsmanlike manner. Absolutely no harsh corrections or physical corrections shall be allowed.
AVSAB Position Statement on Humane Dog Training (pdf download):

In addition, each of these major sanctioning bodies of canine disc also restrict usage of these devices:
Ashley Whippet
USDDN - pdf download

In addition, The Colorado Disc Dogs have a general set of rules for our events. In order for our events to run smoothly, we ask that everyone observe these basic disc dog etiquette guidelines.
Basic Handler Ettiquette for All CDD Events:

  • Keep your dog on a leash or in a kennel at all times when you are not competing or warming up. This saves you the embarrassment of having your dog run onto the field and interrupting the competition.
  • Not all dogs, even well socialized ones, appreciate having other dogs in their space. Please be aware of what your dog is doing at the end of your 16-foot flexi-lead.
  • Always pick up after your dog, and remind others to do the same. We try very hard to maintain good relations with the communities that allow us to host our events in their areas, and this is the main way we show our gratitude. Always leave the event site cleaner than you found it!
  • As a courtesy to competitors, no food or treats of any kind are allowed on the competition field. Food dropped on the playing field may cause unnecessary distractions.
  • Please dispose of ALL trash in appropriate receptacles. We leave parks and venues better than we found them!
  • Please exhibit good sportsmanship. This is a family sport, and we want our kids to be able to look up to you. Set a good example.
  • NO female dogs in heat allowed at the competition site.
  • Please treat your dog with respect. At the discretion of the contest coordinator, competitors who are seen to be mistreating their dogs will be asked to leave.

Division Guidelines
Most of the events run by the Colorado Disc Dogs will have four (4) divisions. The following information should help you figure out which division you and your dog should enter. And as always, the staff at the event will gladly answer any questions regarding format or which division you belong. These divisions constitute the "format" of our events. At the Skyhoundz Regional and the UFO Major, the rules for those events will take precedence, so the number and names of the divisions may change. Please see the appropriate organizer's website to determine the format for our "big" events. The divisions that the CDD will offer at most of its events are: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Open and Youth. On some occasions, a non-competitive Recreational division may be offered as well.

Novice Division: The novice division has been, and will continue to be, a division for people new to the sport. However, people progress at different rates when they start going to competitions -- some people improve quickly, and others get better more gradually -- and the club recognizes this. To that end, we allow new teams to remain in the Novice division for two years. During their first year (365-day rule), a novice team may remain in the division no matter what results they put up. However, during their second year, if a team competing in Novice earns two "Top 3" finishes, they must immediately move up to a higher division. It should be noted that new teams are not required to stay in Novice. They can move up into other divisions at ANY time. Novice competitors will compete in two rounds* of Toss and Catch (also called Distance/Accuracy, MiniDistance, Toss and Fetch or Throw & Catch) getting 60 seconds in each round to make as many throws for their dog as possible using a single disc. Points are awarded for catches based on length of throw and whether the dog was in the air at the time of the catch. Upon registration, all novice competitors will receive an official disc. Novice competitors may then use this disc or most any other safe disc in competition, including floppies.

Intermediate Division: The Intermediate Division is for experienced teams who have been involved in the sport for more than a year (365 days), but are not ready for the Advanced Division yet. Intermediate competitors will compete in the same Mini-Distance format mentioned above. Intermediate competitors must use a standard competition disc (Wham-O Fastback Frisbee, Hero 235, Dogstar, or HyperFlite). Some events do provide 1 disc at sign-up, but competitors at this level and above need to provide their own discs. Official club discs will be available for sale at competitions. New for 2016-The Club has added Intermediate Freestyle to our offerings. This division is NOT worth any Colorado Cup points. We want the division to be a very stress free, consequence free round so that teams new to freestyle do not feel any pressure for Cup standings. New freestylers are always welcome, so if you think you can put on a good show, please don't hesitate to give it a try!

Advanced Division: The Advanced Division is for the top Toss and Fetch teams. These teams are generally very experienced, but the division is open to anyone.

Open Division: The Open Division is for the most experienced teams and consists of one round of Mini-Distance and one round of Freestyle. It is also known as "Open Combined". The Mini-Distance round of Open is also the advanced division round for every Open team. In other words, entering Open automatically puts that team in Open AND Advanced. The second round of Mini-Distance for Advanced will not count for Open. Open teams will do their Mini-Distance with the other Advanced teams (since it is the same division). Freestyle consists of a choreographed routine with your dog set to music, utilizing multiple discs and any and every type of throw and trick you can think of. This is where you routinely see vaults off the back, flips, spins, jumps, rolls, weaves, and many other amazing moves. Teams are allowed 120 seconds to perform at all CDD Events. Time begins with the first throw. In the case of the Skyhoundz Qualifier, the timing will be whatever the current Skyhoundz rule is. For the specific rules and judging criteria used at CDD competition, please consult the website for the sanctioning body who's event we are running (AWI, Skyhoundz, UFO, etc). Open competitors are also required to supply their own competition standard discs.

Recreational Division: The Recreational Division is designed to be a non-competitive division, appealing to those who want to "just play" or perhaps gain a little more experience before trying a competition. The division is open to anyone, regardless of the experience level of handler or dog. There will only be a single 60 second Toss and Catch (MiniDistance) round for each team. The round will be scored according to the normal scoring rules for that event's format (UFO or SkyHoundz), but the teams will NOT be ranked, nor will there be a final standings posted, or prizes awarded. Upon request, competitors will receive a copy of their score sheet following the event, but it will not contain any final standings information. Since there are no standings, teams in the Rec Division will NOT earn Colorado Cup points. * Depending on the number of teams registered in each division, the availability of enough space to run a second field, and whether there are enough qualified volunteers to run the second field, the event organizers may run a second field, or decide to limit participation in the Second Round to the top finishers of Round One. This decision will be made once registration is complete and announced prior to the beginning of Round One.

Good luck out there!