Rookie Qualification

The CDD title “Rookie of the Year” (ROTY) is the club's way to recognize the best new dog and handler pair in the club. New players are the lifeblood of the entire sport, and it is exciting to see new teams year to year.

The Rookie of the Year award is given to the highest ranking “new” team in the CDD State Championship Series. However, the Rookie status is based on the experience of the handler.

To determine if a handler is eligible to win the Rookie of the Year, they must meet the following conditions:

  • The handler must compete in at least 3 non-youth events in the same season.
  • If it is the first year that a handler is appearing at CDD events, they will receive a provisional CDD membership. In all subsequent seasons, the handler must be a full club member.

Because there are so many events and opportunities to play frisbee with dogs now, the CDD recognizes that instead of an absolute cut-off start time, some leeway will be afforded new teams so that they are not made ineligible by 1 appearance at an event in one season.

To that end, here are the conditions that determine ROTY eligibility status:

  • A handler can compete in up to 2 events for 2 consecutive years without hurting ROTY status. Competing in 3 or more events will automatically make the handler a ROTY contender that year. This can be with the same dog or different dogs.
  • If a handler is still eligible, in their 3rd year of competition they are automatically ranked for ROTY-no matter how many events they do, or how many dogs they play with.
  • By these measures, a handler appearing in any event in their 4th season (and on), will no longer be eligible for Rookie of the Year.

As one can see the first event that a handler competes at won't negate their rookie status, but it WILL "start the clock" on their ROTY eligibility for their subsequent appearances at CDD events.

Conditions that will disqualify a handler from Rookie of the Year status:

  • Previously qualified for Rookie of the Year Status – listed in ROTY standings-with ANY dog, with at least 3 non-youth events in their Rookie year. (So you cannot be eligible for more than 1 season)
  • 4th year of competition as an adult (Youth events do not count against adult cap)
  • non-Colorado resident.

Conditions which will NOT disqualify a handler from Rookie of the Year status:

  • Previously competed in Youth divisions only (no limit)
  • Age (If, after 2015, a Youth handler would like to compete in a non-youth division, this will “start the clock” on their ROTY status, with the same conditions as any other ROTY contender)
  • only 1 or 2 appearances per year, with any dog, in any non-youth division, in the previous 2 years.

As of January 29, 2016, any Youth handler that previously competed in ANY division, with ANY dog, ANY number of times will still be eligible for ROTY status after they turn 16. No matter if they were previously ranked in the ROTY standings. To keep the “clock” from starting on their ROTY eligibility, they must restrict their divisions to Youth (at CDD events) from this point forward. If a Youth competitor competes in a non-youth division at a CDD event in 2016 or beyond, this will start the clock on their ROTY eligibility.