Club Bylaws

Colorado Disc Dogs

Article One - NAME
The name of this organization is the Colorado Disc Dogs.

Article Two – PURPOSE
The Colorado Disc Dogs is a club that promotes the sport of canine frisbee (or canine disc) and runs canine frisbee competitions. Each year, the Colorado Disc Dogs will also award the title of “State Champion” to the best frisbee dog team, as determined by criteria created and maintained by the Board of Officers.

Article Three – MEMBERSHIP
Membership in the Colorado Disc Dogs club is open to anyone residing in the state of Colorado.
Members must meet the requirements specified in the Membership Section. Persons living outside the state may be offered membership by the Board of Officers.

These Articles of Association and incorporated Bylaws were adopted on February 7, 2010, and amended and adopted March 28, 2019, effective immediately.

A 2/3 majority vote by the Board of Officers is required to amend these Articles of Association or Bylaws.

The Colorado Disc Dogs shall be governed by a Board of Officers (hereinafter the “Board”). Board officers must be members in good standing of the Colorado Disc Dogs club. The Board shall select from within the officer’s pool the members of the Executive Committee as well as other designated officer roles. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following
four positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; whose general responsibilities are listed in Addendum A). Each member of the Executive Committee serves a
one year term in their role. An officer’s role as a member of the Executive Committee is in conjunction with their term as an officer, and their role may not overlap the normal limit of their term. The Treasurer may not be related by blood or marriage to any other Board officer. Executive Committee members must be 18 years or older at time of their appointment.

Once a year, at an announced General Club meeting, an election shall be held and all vacant board position(s) will be filled. Eligible candidates must declare their intent to run at least one week prior to the election. Voting will be done by secret ballot. All declared candidates will be listed on a ballot. Individual memberships receive one ballot. Couple and Family memberships receive two ballots. (See Section Eight for definition of membership types) Absentee ballots may be requested from the Secretary prior to the General Club meeting and must be returned before, or at, the meeting. The absentee ballot itself should remain free of identification and it should be in an envelope which is clearly marked with the club member’s name and signed by that club member. Only one ballot is allowed per envelope (except for Couple and Family memberships). The absentee ballot(s) will be removed from the envelope and placed into the ballot box.
Ballots will be collected and counted by the Secretary at the General Club meeting. For each vacant board position, the candidate(s) receiving the most votes shall become a Board officer for one term. In the event of a tie, all eligible members present at the meeting will receive a new ballot and revote for only one of the candidates that are tied. During the revote, the President will sign their ballot. If the revote results in a tie, the President’s ballot is removed from the count so that a winner can be declared.

     All candidates and voters must meet all of the following requirements to be considered eligible:
     • Be a member in good standing
     • Be sixteen years or older at the time of election

Colorado Disc Dogs Board officers are elected for a three year term and may be re-elected for one additional term for a total of six consecutive years of service. A Board officer’s term begins at the first Annual Board meeting following election. At the beginning of each term, the Board shall select an officer to fill each committee position (see Addendum A). These may be filled by the current officer in that role or by a new officer. Selection is by a simple majority vote of the Board. When the term of any member of the Executive Committee (see Addendum A) expires, or any Exempt Role is vacated, the Board shall select a replacement for that position. Members of the Executive Committee that are re-elected in a general election may be reappointed by the Board to continue their role in the Executive Committee.

Board officers may resign at any time. If a member of the Executive Committee resigns before the end of their term, or is unable to complete their term of office, the President (with
concurrence of a simple majority of the Board), may appoint a replacement for that officer from the Board for the remainder of the unexpired term.

If the President resigns before the end of their term, the Vice President shall assume the role of President, who (with concurrence of a simple majority of the Board) may then appoint a new Vice President for the remainder of the unexpired term. If a Board officer is deemed to be unfit for service on the Board, the Board may elect to remove the officer from their position on the Board. The removal of a Board officer requires a 2/3 majority vote of the Board.

If any Board officer is unable to complete their term, the remaining Board may nominate and elect (by a simple majority) an interim officer from the current club membership. The interim officer must meet all eligibility requirements as set forth in Section Two. The interim officer may be appointed to any committee position designated by the Board. The position being filled by the interim officer shall be considered vacant at the next General Club meeting and be filled per Section Two of these bylaws. Any time served as an interim officer will not be applied towards any term limits. If an officer leaves the Board for any reason, they may run for re-election after one year away from the Board.

A quorum for the Board shall consist of a minimum of 70% of the Board, with the President or Vice-President required among the quorum. Action by the Board must be by a simple majority
of the quorum unless otherwise stated.

Section Five – COMMITTEES
The Board can create standing or ad hoc committees (see Addendum B) to fulfill specific directives and projects. A committee must be comprised completely of club members. It must
have at least one officer on the committee. Each committee created must have a chairperson. The chair of the committee must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board. The chair for each committee shall be responsible for creating an outline that describes the goal or purpose of the committee, and updating and maintaining that outline. When requested, the chair must also submit reports on financial goals, including budgets, in writing to the Treasurer. The financial goals are to be reviewed, and either rejected, accepted, or accepted with modifications, by the Board. Any committee with major financial implications must have the Treasurer as a member.

Section Six - MEETINGS
At least one Annual Meeting of the Board shall be held at specified date, time, and location that the President may designate with proper notice being sent to all Board officers.
Additional meetings of the Board may be called when deemed necessary by the President or any 5(five) members of the Board. Additional Board meetings may only be held when a quorum,
including the President or Vice-President can attend. There shall be at least one General Membership meeting each year. This meeting will be scheduled by the Board, and notice of this meeting will be sent to all club members.

Section Seven – CLUB ASSETS
Any property owned by the club, including, but not limited to the club trailer, the club sound system, the club computers, the club event materials and the club website, are deemed to be owned wholly by the club. Upon the event of the dissolution of the Colorado Disc Dogs, all property shall be sold and revenues generated shall be used to pay any debts. Remaining monies shall be disbursed to a charity designated by the Board.

Section Eight – MEMBERSHIP
Membership in the Colorado Disc Dogs is on an annual basis. Members are required to pay annual dues. Membership dues are set by the Board each year and will be published on the club
website and announced via the club social media sites. Membership forms can be obtained at club events or the club’s website. All membership forms must be returned to the Secretary or other designated officer prior to the close of registration at the final competition of each season. All membership requests will be processed within two weeks of receipt by the club.
Annual membership begins upon approval of the request and payment of annual dues. Annual memberships expire the following calendar year on the date of the first General Membership
meeting or the first competition, whichever is earlier.
There are three types of membership:
   • Individual membership
   • Couples membership for up to two persons
   • Family membership for three or more persons.
Family memberships may only have two members over the age of 17. Additional family members over the age of 17 must apply for their own individual membership. Each type of membership has unique voting privileges as detailed in Section Two of these bylaws. Members of a Couples or Family membership who wish to vote independently must apply for their own individual membership.
Non-Colorado residents may petition for membership by submitting a membership application directly to the Secretary or other designated Board member. The application will be reviewed by the Board and will be approved or denied based on a simple majority vote of the Board. If approved, the member must pay the membership dues by the appropriate date to receive all membership privileges. Following their first year, non-Colorado members will not be required to submit a special petition for continued membership.
Membership Privileges:
   • Only club members in good standing may vote in club elections.
   • Only club members in good standing may be elected to the Board.
   • Only club members in good standing may be selected to serve on committees.
   • Only club members in good standing will receive Colorado Cup points towards the state championship series.
   • Additional benefits of membership are at the discretion of the Board.

Members of the Colorado Disc Dogs are required to adhere to the Colorado Disc Dogs “Code of Ethics” (see Addendum C ).
Members of the Colorado Disc Dogs and their dogs are expected to behave appropriately at all frisbee dog events, including club-run shows, competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations or other events where they are representing the club.
Any member of the club can have their membership and/or privileges revoked or restricted at any time by the Board by a simple majority vote. The duration of the restriction shall be
determined by the Board. Restricted members have the right to appeal the decision in writing to the Board within 30 days. The Board shall respond to the appeal within 14 days. Restricted members will not be considered members in good standing.

The responsibilities of the Colorado Disc Dogs Board of Officers shall include but not be limited
to the following:
   • Coordinating activities for the Colorado Disc Dogs
   • Set overall strategy for the Colorado Disc Dogs
   • Lead efforts to revise Articles of Association, Bylaws, and Addendums as needed
   • When necessary, individual responsibilities may be delegated to other officer positions
   • Major financial discussions must have a quorum of all officers and must include the Treasurer

The President’s responsibilities include:
   • Supervising and coordinating Colorado Disc Dogs activities
   • Calling and presiding over regular and special meetings of the Board
   • Ensuring the holding of the Annual Meeting as called for by club’s Bylaws
   • Ensuring that all tax-related requirements are being met
   • Serving, if interested, as a member of any standing or ad hoc committee, with the right to vote
   • Creating standing or ad hoc committees for the Colorado Disc Dogs and appointing their respective chairpersons. Such actions require a simple majority vote of the Board
   • Exclusively direct the creation of online polls
   • In the absence of the Secretary, create, modify and maintain online polls

Vice President
The Vice President’s responsibilities include:
   • Presiding over the Colorado Disc Dogs meetings in the absence of the President
   • Assuming the duties of the President on an interim basis if the President is unable to complete their term
   • Ensuring that the term limits described in the Colorado Disc Dogs Bylaws are adhered to by the Board
   • In the absence of the Secretary, tally votes from elections or online polls

The Secretary’s responsibilities include:
   • Giving notice of Board and club meetings
   • Taking attendance at Board meetings
   • Taking and distributing meeting minutes at Board and club meetings
   • Maintaining a permanent record of all Colorado Disc Dogs proceedings (??)
   • Tallying votes from the Board and general membership
   • Oversight of the membership process
   • Posting, modifying and maintaining authorized online polls
   • Maintaining and circulating the current Articles of Association, Bylaws and Addendums of the Colorado Disc Dogs

The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:
   • Receiving all funds paid to the Colorado Disc Dogs
   • Disbursing money on properly authorized orders/invoices
   • Maintaining the permanent record of all financial matters
   • Overseeing club insurance. This includes the yearly premium and arranging special request riders for events and shows
   • Preparing a Treasurer’s Report on the status of the operating funds for all meetings of the Board, including the Annual Meeting
   • Preparing a final report for the prior year and submitting such report to the Board
   • Transferring complete financial records to the new treasurer no later three business-days after a new Treasurer is appointed
   • Being a member of any committee that makes major financial decisions
   • Assisting in preparation of event-based budgets and related record keeping
Duties of the Executive Committee may be shared or delegated to other officers with approval of the Board.

The Board may add other roles and positions as needed. These roles may be filled by non-officers. In light of the fact that some duties require more time and specific professional
experience, members in these roles serve at their discretion and are not subject to term limits. Vacant positions are filled by the Board by a simple majority vote.

Demo Liaison
The Demo Liaison is responsible for coordinating performances and shows for the club. They negotiate fees, venues and schedules with clients.

Marketing Coordinator
The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for providing professional marketing and public relations advice and services to the club. The coordinator takes the lead in promoting the club and club events, and coordinates all media opportunities for the club

The Bookkeeper is responsible for the proper recording all financial transactions made by the club and to work with the Treasurer with the preparation of required reports. The bookkeeper role must be filled by a current Board officer.

Executive Committee: This committee has no official duties as a group, but they perform necessary duties for the club in roles required by these articles and by state association laws.
Website Committee: This committee is responsible for the look and operation of all the Colorado Disc Dogs online activities. This includes, but is not limited to, the club website, the club social media accounts, and the club email group(s). The committee is responsible for the online posting of results and standings from all Colorado Disc Dogs competitions in a timely manner.
Judging Committee: This committee is responsible for working with event coordinators in securing qualified persons for judging competitions. This includes recruiting and training new
judges from the club membership as well as pursuing out of state guest judges when appropriate.

A system of rules and standards governing the conduct of the members and non-members associated with the Colorado Disc Dogs and club functions.
A. The health, care and well-being of all dogs must be considered first at all times.
B. There shall be no harsh treatment of any animal at any time or place.
C. All must abide by and accept the Rules and Regulations of the sanctioning body at any sponsored event.
D. All must conduct themselves in a manner to credit the sport, the club, and themselves, and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
E. All must respect the rights of others in training, competing or participating in any club function.
F. Any dog which poses a threat to the health or well-being of any other dog or person may be removed from the event immediately by a Board officer, and possibly banned from all future club functions by a simple majority vote of the Board.
G. Any person at a club function who is willfully interfering with the event or the ability of others to participate in the event, including, but not limited to boisterous challenges of officials, drunken or inebriated behavior, may be asked to leave. Further reprimands may take place if the Board deems such action necessary.
H. All discourse on club-sponsored webpages, social media, or email is expected to remain civil and respectful. The Board reserves the right to remove or otherwise limit a person’s participation in these venues when deemed necessary.
I. All complaints against any individual not abiding by these bylaws must be presented in writing to the club Secretary, who shall notify the Board of such complaints.